Iron Man 3: My Way

“Today is the first day of what’s left in your life”

Sound familiar with this quote  Are you the hard die fan of the IRON MAN series? If yes then you should know that the IRON MAN 3 screening is coming soon.. yeah..yeah.. i can you screaming..hahaha 

Let's the epic begin...

Iron man costume is really attracting my attention and it is also one of the reasons why I'm fan of the Iron Man series. How I wish can create and add some of the design that embedded in my mind for the Iron Man costume to make the suit more elegant, cool and the most important thing is to be powerful as the costume also is having special criteria on it.

Here are my ways to create stylish, powerful, and brilliant design of IRON MAN costume :-


(1) Putting spike at his shoulder and his knee to make him looks a bit of Emo styles as it also can looks not so boring and formal.

(2) I also want to design the suit that using the nano technology that can make the suit to be flexible as it can. Whether it can be taller, bigger, small as ant or stretchable where he can be like a fluid. This is a new innovation of modern nano steel that design only for Iron Man.

(3) In the Iron Man suit also I would like to put criteria of magnet-free..Yeah you heard it..Magnet-free even Iron Man is a Steel. This features can make the Iron Man having advantages because all also know that steel will attack to magnet and this is can be problem if his enemy develop weapon magnet based. So, Iron Man will not worry of the magnet anymore..yeahhhh..

(4) The main design for the Iron Man suit is the "Invisible Suit". The new Iron Man suit now can be invisible now in order to spy his enemy or be as a secret weapon to attack his enemy.. It is not a coward feature but if you see as positive side, the design can give a lot of advantages for the Iron Man..

Are sure there is no one in this picture? You are wrong!!!! This is the invisible picture of Iron Man.. hahaha

(5) The fifth feature in my design for Iron Man is he will having like "Super Lighting" weapon in his suit where he can use it to destroy his enemy like a piece of cake.. Yeah.. With all the resources in this world, the suit will attract it and keep it inside his suit to produce "Super lighting".. 

What do you think of all the design that I will do for my beloved IRON MAN?..For me, that the seriously syiok, best of my designing..!!!

p/s: cannot wait to watch this screening with Nuffnangers! It must be super duper exciting we all watching together.. Amin.. :):)

Plasmacluster Workshop II by Sharp


The Plasmacluster Workshop 2 is coming back..It is held Blu Med@Mid Valley.It is like you doing your workshop plus eating too..miahaha..

That day, we were taught about history of plasmacluster, what you need plasmacluster and so on. Actually, plasmacluster is an ionizer. It can makes your environment smell fresh and you can having a beauty skin if you using it frequently.. (Beauty Sleeping)

Plasmacluster is not break inside the bacteria because if it did then the bacteria will defense it and becoming more stronger as the new virus break free from the host cells in two ways. The newly formed virus can break the host cells open and destroy them. This process called as lysis. New virus can bud off from the host cell, thereby preserving it. How new viruses are released, it is depends upon the type of virus. 

That's why Plasmacluster is created to care the environment and at the same time do not interrupt the bacteria until it can form new virus. 

Okay..enough with chemistry and science ha..hehehe

They also demo on using hair dryer that having the plasmacluster inside it. It can make your hair manageable, silky and smooth.. The demo is from Stve by 76Style.

In this workshop also, they having competition to decorate the plasmacluster based your own creativity..And the best part is, if you creative enough, you will bring the plasmacluster as the prize.. wah (*-*)
Still thinking what to decorate the plasmacluster..pheww

And as the result, tadaaaa

When the result time, the Sharp representative decided to give the plasmacluster to all the contestant because he cannot decide which one is the winner..All are very creative and the winner..yeayyy.. Thank You Sharp <3>

After the winner is announced, I decided to look what food the Blu Med served..

So tempting kan..kan..

Then after that, back to my diet routine..(yeah right erra)..hahaha

Bag of Love - Unboxing Tea Party @ Delectable by Su

Hai readers.. Bag of Love is collaborating with The Butterfly Project together with Delectable by Su is held a Unboxing Tea Party..Yeah you heard it, it is a tea party.. Must be dreaming on cute and delicious food plus with fresh tea, absolutely! :D

Date : 27th of April 2013
Time : 11am-1pm | 2pm-4pm
Venue : Delectable by Su, Paradigm Mall
Theremed : Tea Party

Here are the reasons why I definitely want it so bad to go to the Unboxing Tea Party..Check this out yaw readers :-

I am a sweet lover..anything relate to sweet, you can ask me to hunt for it.When I know about the Unboxing Tea Party at Delectable by Su, it is like what?! I must NOT MISS this opportunity to taste and review all the delicious/gwiyomi/sweet/adorable food from the Delectable by Su’s menu. The food really makes me immediately stop my dieting.. pftttt.. but it is what we called as worth it yaw..nyum..nyum..

Of course when you talk about tea party, it is about having a good time with your family, friends, relatives and also meeting new friends. We can chatting..chatting..chatting.. hahaha the whole day without tired.. especially when girls meeting with her best friend..(gossiping.. xoxoxo).

I also love the environment or you can call it as the design of the tea party like the picture below..don’t you also find it gwiyomi!!!! Weee.. cannot wait to taking a lots of pictures at the tea party and share it at media social (my other friend may jealous about it.. ;) )


The collaboration between Bag of Love, Delectable by Su and of course cooperation with TheButterfly Project is like “Boombastic”. You can having a good food and at the same time maintaining your beauty by Bag of Love.. You know you MUST NOT MISS it.. Hope to see others blogger there and having beautiful and nice outfit.. yeayyyy

Hope to see others bloggers, food lovers and beauty lovers at Delectable by Su at Paradigm Mall.. It is the  perfect of combination between these three. Cannot wait to enjoy the nice tea party meeting later.. lots of love <3 nbsp="" p="">

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