Yesterday I went for movie premiere Burlesque @Midvalley.. with my other friends.. For my 1st impression when looked at their poster, is not very attract my attention at all.. However after I watched this movie, I feel awesome for this movie..

When Ali(Christina) dancing and singing, she's like a Diva.. :) Her voice and her moves so nice..So, it worth it if u watched this movie yaw..

Actually Burlesque is a name of a club where Ali (Christina Aguilera)..For Ali, a small-town girl with a big voice, there had to be somewhere her dreams could be fulfilled, rather than remain an empty goal. When she enter the Burlesque world, she's know that is what she's looking for..

Oke..so what are u waiting for..?Book ur ticket this Thursday and enjoy the movie with ur friends and family.. :D

Christina Aguilera u such amazing for Ali's character..

p/s: BIG FAT THANK YOU to Nuffnang yeah for this tickets..glad to watch movie with u all for next time.. :p

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