I Am The Unstoppable Explorer

Why do call yourself an unstoppable explorer? What are your explorer characteristics?

The reason I'm an unstoppable explorer because :-

(1)I like to know current issues e.g : fashion,news, gossip.. so that I will not be the last person know it and it is seriously not cool man! hahaha
(2)I also love to travel..With travelling all around the world, it's like you also will learn about new things, like other cultures,fashion, enjoy their environment like 4 seasons and others with your own eyes
(3)Almost every girls' hobbies that is shopping.. Yeah, me also like to shopping and explorer and hunt for new cloths, shoes and others
(4)Extreme activity is match with my soul. I love to doing extreme activity with my boyfriend like wall climbing, playing futsal, paintball and currently we having discussion to hiking the Mount of Kinabalu.
(5)As a student also, I really have to explorer and doing my research to improve my knowledge and finishing my study. So, I have to explore many journals and articles to be my prove on what I'm doing for my research paper.

My explorer characteristics are curiosity, love to try new things (the good one of course) and this can make me feels like I'm adding my new skills, try not to give up and embedded a positive lifestyle in order to explore more in this life and also not get boring to read books, others bloggers, news and others to adding my knowledge of course.

What were the challenges you faced in your most recent adventure? And how did you overcome them?

My challenges I faced most recent adventure is try to comfortable with my new busy life as a student and also a worker. I'm working from Monday to Friday at Kuala Lumpur at morning until evening with public transport then after working hour I have to going back home at Putrajaya to take car and driving all the way to UPM Serdang as my class starts at 6.30 P.M everyday..huhuhu.. yeah it sounds tiring and makes me really cannot breath for a while.

However, I'm so lucky because at my work, I can choose to working as early as 7.30 A.M and can go back home at 4.30 P.M. It is can make me taking a short break before I'm going to my class.I really appreciate it and I also try to make a timetable to arrange my working and also study activity. I also taking advice from my seniors that before this having the same situation like me and try to tolerate with my others group members on study. Finally, I'm used to it and I'm having a new level of my life.. Alhamdulillah.

In your opinion, what is the essential gadget you can count on in your adventures? Mobile phone? Tablet? Camera?

Haha..best question.Actually the most essential gadget that I cannot live without is my handphone.. Everything is in my handphone and It is also one of the way to communicate with my family, boyfriend and my friends. The second one is my computer as I need to complete my research, my assingment, blogging, uploading and downloading, playing my SIMS(games) and others. Last one is of course my camera as I always taking pictures and uploading it into my FB account, Instagram, Twitter and blogging about it too..

Let us know how Astro-On-The-Go allows you to explore and watch your favourite programmes and the best of Astro anytime, anywhere.

Astro-On-The-Go allowing me to watching my Running Man and other Korean dramas, others channels, life sports and the others at work place, University, in the car, when I'm outstation, in the toilet(hahaha my new hobby) at anytime and anywhere I like as long as my battery is not running out, inside my gadgets..hehehe It is really makes me enjoy and can releasing my tension, my tiring schedule and what the most important that Astro-OnThe-Go is really make my life.. :)

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